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OoN - The Bass-Bassoon Duo of Ariane Cap and Paul Hanson
Don't know what to expect from the unlikely combination of bass and bassoon? Think highly enjoyable melodic and groovy music. Sometimes peaceful and meditative, at other times passionate and funky, always surprising.

Featuring Ariane Cap tapping on a 6-string electric bass, and Paul Hanson on bassoon, the duo utilizes virtuosic and unusual playing techniques that are not only intriguing and fun to listen to but also quite something to watch. Their repertoire includes well known covers and fresh originals. The musicians put the song first and musicality front and center. 
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Yoshi Senzaki Blues Band
Blues-man Yoshi Senzaki is a former Silicon Valley executive now pursuing a career as a blues musician. His passion for playing old school Chicago style blues started in his native Japan, and spans several decades.

The audience can expect soulful blues guitar, harmonica, and vocals – Yoshi brings the traditional Chicago sound by way of Japan!
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