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Mar 23, 2020

Mar 1 - Mar 23

Pandemic Roadtrip

I left Maine on Sunday, Mar 1st - and in a few short weeks the world has changed.   I usually write a travel blog when I do my roadtrips and I started this blog a couple weeks ago, but put it aside as the Covid19 virus became a pandemic.  As friends have been checking on my progress, I decided to go ahead and complete the blog even though it has not been a typical "roadtrip".   I am currently making my way back to Eastport . . .

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Mar 17, 2019

Mar 11 - Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm staying in the Irish Channel district of New Orleans.  It is no surprise that there was a big St. Patrick's Day parade and block parties all weekend!   I've lost track of how many parades I've seen since I arrived in Nola - definitely in the double-digits.

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Mar 10, 2019

Feb 25 - Mar 10

Mardi Gras!

“Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, our joy of living. All at once.”   Chris Rose


It has been a week since Fat Tuesday – I am finally recovered enough to update my blog.  Mardi Gras is not just a day, it is a season!  Carnival starts on twelfth night (Jan 6) and culminates on Mardi Gras day. 

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Feb 24, 2019

Jan 23 - Feb 24

Laissez les bons temps roulez!

The good times are rolling in the Big Easy!   I'm spending 2 months here in New Orleans and it has already been quite an adventure.    The food and music - fantastique!   And this is my first Mardi Gras experience - laissez les bons temps roulez!

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Dec 10, 2018

Oct 22 - Dec 10

Winter is Coming!

Actually, winter is already here in Maine!  We had a pretty chilly November with a white Thanksgiving.  No snow now, but it is a clear and cold 20.  I’m hoping for a white Christmas.


I’m having my coffee and watching boats drag for scallops in the bay.  Scallop season opened last Monday and they are only allowed to fish M,T,W.  

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Oct 21, 2018

Sept 19 - Oct 21

Fall Foliage - a stunning display

As the seasonal residents depart for warmer climes, things start closing up for the winter here in Eastport.  While people are leaving, I took the big step to officially change my residency to Maine! The fall foliage was spectacular this year - and I had 500 miles to appreciate it as I drove to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to attend the Celtic Colours music festival.

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Sep 18, 2018

Aug 18 - Sept 18

Pirates and Arrrttt!

The summer season ends with a bang here in Eastport – with cannons, swords and general mayhem.  It’s Pirate Festival time!  Sword fighting, fire dancing, music, parade, fireworks – some of the costumes are pretty impressive, a creative and fun community event for pirates and wenches of all ages. 

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Aug 17, 2018

July 14 - Aug 17

August Sunrise

Good morning Washington County!   Also known as Sunrise County, where the sun rises first in the US. Here is a picture taken last week around 5:45am from my kitchen.  The sun rises as early as 4:30am during the Solstice in June.  

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Jul 13, 2018

July 1 - July 13

Happy July from Eastport!

This is my second July 4th holiday in Eastport, but this year provided a much different perspective than last year. Physically my home is located right in the heart of things, a 5 minute walk to downtown, the parade, and the fireworks. And I am now a member of this very welcoming community so I feel more connected in so many ways.

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Jun 24, 2018

June 1 - June 24

Eastport, Maine - My New Home!

I can't believe I've been "home" in Eastport for 3 weeks now!   I've been so busy working on the house that I've not had the time or energy to do my blog.   But this past week I had some share-worthy days so better late than never.

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Jul 23, 2017

July 9 - July 23

Roadtrip - Leaving Maine

There are several whale species found in the Bay of Fundy during the summer months - Minke, Finback, Humpbacks, and more rarely - the endangered Right whales. The whales use the bay as a feeding ground, nursery and play area. They feast on the enormous amounts of krill, squid and schools of young herring, pollock and mackerel found in the bay as a result of the powerful Fundy tides.  

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Jul 08, 2017

June 26 - July 8

Roadtrip - Yankee Doodle-oo

Eastport Maine certainly takes July 4th seriously!  It is host to the largest Independence Day celebration in the state of Maine.  It begins on July 1st with a nod to our northern neighbor - Canada Day. This year was special - Canada's 150th anniversary.  Boat races across the Bay, fireworks (delayed to July 2 due to fog).  

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Jun 25, 2017

June 18-25

Roadtrip - Deer Isle

Deer Isle is about a one hour drive west of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  It is accessed by a bridge to Little Deer Isle, then a causeway to Deer Isle proper and the views as you approach are spectacular, even as (or because) I arrived in the drizzly fog.  My AirBnB was in the town of Deer Isle, but the larger town is Stonington, at the south end of the island.  DIS (Deer Isle/Stonington) is the lobster capital of Maine, producing more lobster pound for pound and dollar for dollar in the state.  I love these foggy photos!

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Jun 17, 2017

June 10-17

Roadtrip - Oh Canada

It was time to get out the passport and pop over to visit our neighbor to the north.  Cruising up Hwy 1 - check out the East vs. West versions of the hwy signs.   As you can see, they call this part of Maine (and Canada) "Down East".   What is this "Down East" thing?  I get "Up North", "Down South", "Out West", but not "Down East".  

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Jun 09, 2017

June 1-9

Roadtrip - Eastport Rocks

Settling in to Eastport Maine - the easternmost city in the U.S. and my "home away from home" for the next 6 weeks.

The Maine coastline is spectacular - only 250 miles long as the crow flies, but over 3,500 miles traced along the jagged coast.  And that doesn't include the offshore islands.  The "Bold Coast" is even more fascinating, taking into account the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.

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May 31, 2017

May 27-31

Roadtrip - New York to Maine

Driving through the Painted Lakes area of New York - gorgeous.   Stopped in a beautiful town called Owego on the Susquehanna River. Look at these amazing homes!  

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May 26, 2017

May 15-26

Roadtrip - Coast to Coast

Left Aptos on Monday May 15, got a late start so the first day was a bit stressful battling Bay Area traffic.  Started to relax as I headed thru the Sierras, enjoying the brightness of the snow as it got dark.  Stopped overnight at Fallon NV, which was quite dismal by the light of day the next morning.

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