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Joan Lowden, Artist:

My main artistic passion is music, jazz bass in particular, but I had explored visual arts in my youth and developed a renewed interest when I discovered encaustic painting several years ago.  Encaustic (from the Greek, "to burn") painting combines hot beeswax with colored pigments and dates back thousands of years. I am particularly enticed by the textural quality of encaustic painting, and the way that I can merge this ancient art with modern technology, such as digital photography, to create unique works of art.

Encaustic painting is quite similar to jazz because it is very improvisational - you might start with a plan, but the hot wax has a plan of its own, so the art comes from letting the materials ultimately guide the journey.

My work is currently available at the Breakwater Gallery on Water St in Eastport and has also been shown at the Eastport Gallery, a constituent of the Eastport Arts Center. 


My current mission (and passion) is to organize and promote the Eastport & Lubec ArtWalk Weekends and Hearts for the Arts - celebrating life on the creative edge, Way DownEast.

For more information about the ArtWalks, click here>>

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