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June 16

As my tennis peeps know, I was fortunate to be invited to join a tennis group that plays on a private, clay court.   The court is situated on 100 waterfront acres about 15 minutes from my house.  I have to pinch myself!  The other players are welcoming, interesting and decent players.   I am looking forward to a wonderful summer of tennis!

June 21

Anyway, one of the tennis players (retired principle of Shead High in Eastport and the Chamber of Commerce prez) invited me to attend the ribbon cutting of the inaugural voyage of the Eastport to Lubec ferry, which had been out of service for several years.   I walked down Thursday morning with the dogs thinking I would have a piece of cake and return home.   But Cecil, the ferry captain said “hop aboard, dogs ok”.  It was a gorgeous day so I ferried over to Lubec on the Quoddy Dam - a wooden vessel, built in 1953!

Captain Cecil (on the left) and First Mate Don.

Cecil lives right across the street from me, and was the person who watched my house last winter.  Everyone here seems to have multiple jobs.  This "gig economy" existed long before Uber and the Silicon Valley coined the phrase.

Lubec, Maine

Lubec is a picturesque town, 45 minutes away by car, but only a 20 minute ferry ride.  I hadn't brought my passport, but you can actually walk over the bridge to Campobello Island, Canada from Lubec. 

McCurdy's Smokehouse

McCurdy's Smokehouse was the last traditional smoked-herring facility in the U.S. when it closed in 1991.   After over 20 years, it still smells like smoked herring!  I got a private tour from docent Hank.  He spent summers here as a child visiting his grandparents, and now resides in Lubec.

You can see the bridge to Cambobello behind the brining building in the left photo below.  The tide was about one hour before low tide.   On the right is Hank - a real sweetie!

Back to Eastport with my "sea-dogs" Otis and Bella.

That same evening I was invited to a neighborhood Solstice party.The party ended with us doing “karaoke” on the deck, singing along to YouTube videos on our phones.  I think I have found my new "tribe"!!

June 23

Saturday morning was recycling day.  There is no curbside recycling and the center is only open 2 Saturdays a month from 10-12noon.   But you run into EVERYONE there, it is THE happening place on those Saturdays.  Then, you hit all the yard sales on your way home!   I’m not a yard sale person by nature, but did make some stops since I need stuff for the vacation rental.   Here is a photo of my finds.   The shredder was $2, the booties will be used in my Pirate Festival costumes in September, I’m thinking ahead, Matey!

Title:  Hatchback Still Life

June 24

And the week wasn't over yet.  We don’t have a movie theater here in Eastport, but there is a Film Society that shows a film at the Eastport Art Center every Sunday.  The films vary from 60s French classics to semi-current indie offerings.   Last week was a film in Japanese with subtitles.  Tonight was Black Panther!   Dagny, Mary (and one of the members of ZZ Top who must have retired to Eastport) dressed for the occasion.

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