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Fiddlechick, Picky and Plucky
Three short video clips from last summer:  Eastport Pirate Festival, Water St. Stage and hosting a string jam at Phoenix Fine Wines in Eastport.  We play Celtic music, featuring Denise "Fiddlechick" McCurdy, John "Picky" McCurdy on guitar, Joan "Plucky" Lowden on bass and vocals, and we will add Andy "Pickier" Radin in 2024.  Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, playing fiddle, guitar and banjo, and will add another dimension to our sound.

We play at the Old Sow Grill and Phoenix Fine Wines in Eastport and are booked for July 4, 2024 in Eastport, a LAMPS concert at Stockford Park in Lubec on July 28, 2024 and Eastport Salmon Festival on Aug 31, 2024.

More videos with other bands - click here

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