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4th Annual Hearts for the Arts Auction
Online Art Submission Form

Submissions accepted NOW through
February 5th 11 pm

Auction online February 9th through February 18th

Submission form link at the bottom of this page - please read all instructions. 


We are looking for heart or love themed work by artists with a personal connection to the Way DownEast region. 

All mediums are welcome:  paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass, fiber arts, jewelry, woodworking, mixed media, etc.

               The heart might be the central focus of the piece

               The heart might be very small and hidden somewhere in the piece (a landscape, abstract)

               Jewelry – piece may be a heart or simply include a heart on your display card

               Ceramics – embed a heart in the piece or simply on the bottom of your piece.

               Photography must be ready to hang (mounted, canvas printed or framed). 

               Works with minimum value over $500 do not need to include a heart. 



Artists may submit up to 3 pieces to the auction.  Submit a separate form for each piece.

Pieces should be new works, not included in last year's auction.

Minimum value of each item should be at least $25.

The minimum bid is the minimum that the artist is willing to let the piece sell for.

Artists must set a minimum bid (reserve price)

Artists may set an optional "Buy Now", instant purchase price and should be the full value of the piece.

The artist will receive 70% of the sale price and the ArtFests will retain 30% to benefit our summer programming.  The ArtFests will collect tax (Maine buyers) and shipping costs and artist will be reimbursed for quoted shipping cost.

Auction is mostly online only, there will be a small display of "BUY NOW" items at the February 9th Open Mic at the Eastport Arts Center by local artists.  

Artists will ship direct to buyers or may opt for local delivery/pickup if artist is in Eastport area.  

NEW this year:   Pieces over $500 do NOT need to include a heart or have a love theme.   


Artists need not live in the Eastport area to participate, but should have some connection to the Eastport area.

Paintings that depict scenes from the Eastport area sell best (just hide a small heart somewhere!)

Jewelry, glass, ceramics or unique 3-D items also sell well.

Best to submit 3 items - most artists who submit 3 pieces to the auction sell at least 1 or more piece.  Many sell all of their works.

Don’t undervalue your work!  People are willing to pay for quality, original art.

Keep the scale small – larger pieces are too hard/expensive to ship.

Unframed works are good - easier to ship and many buyers want to do their own framing.


ALL ARTISTS (both local and away) must submit their works online - please have the following information ready to enter into the online form.  Submit a separate form for each piece:


Photo of your piece (good lighting, presentation is important). 



Description  (not too long please)

Size HxWxD inches  (keep shipping/delivery in mind – no furniture or large paintings and heavy sculptures please).


Shipping/delivery  (get shipping cost estimates - costs are higher than last year)

               Local artists should include shipping costs for out of area buyers.

               Local artists may opt for local delivery ONLY if they don’t want to ship. 

               But this limits your pool of potential buyers.

               Out of area artists MUST include shipping costs.

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